Yesterday Sunday was a very busy day for me, back & forth w/ Lesa on the computer uploading story on my invention.
Just learning the technical aspects for a 67-year-old is mind-boggling, and doing this long distance compounds the frustration…

In between, I needed to prepare a ” Proper Sunday Roast” for my British fiance’ !
He, John, lovingly does the marketing, so what treasures were in the frig ?

  • aah ! 3 very large beautiful bone in Chicken Breasts w/ skin on . [fitting, since my discussion all day was about breast help!
  • So here is how I cook-never use a recipe [exception-baking/preserving]
  • fill a large pot w/ cold water & Iodized salt. soak chicken 10 min+
  • dump water-rinse Chicken under faucet then repeat #1.
  •  My Daddy always taught me; when u think the chicken is clean-do it again!       Dump water drain  chicken in a colander &  blot .
  •  Here is the fun part [pun]-
  •  with your very sharp kitchen scissors[ I use Kitchen Aid]-
  • over the colander, which is in the sink, I cut off the skin, [all of it] .
  •  and that very thin “silver skin” between the skin and the meat of the Chicken-this is very important, so the marinade will soak in correctly, they don’t tell you this on the cooking channel /or in a recipe book].then there is a piece of kinda rubbery “tail” at end of bone, it’s sort of triangle shape…cut that out for sure.
  •  and any other tissue remaining , don’t forget the fat…cut ALL of the fat off.
  • you are left with a beautiful clean breast.
  • once you get this down it goes fast,
  • while chicken is soaking you can get necessities out of pantry.
  • this is the really fun part, honest.
  • set oven to 425′
  • place the blotted chicken breast  bone side up, meaty side down.
  • In a deep porcelain baking dish  w/ lid ,[ I use Rachel Ray’s deep roasting pan , it fits the 3 giant pieces perfectly].
  •  yesterday’s concoction was ‘brilliant”,according to John…
  • place pats of real salted butter, I use Land o’ Lakes , Pompeian extra virgin olive oil, and a few splashes of Lea & Perrins’ Chicken Marinade on top of chicken..
  • and 1/2 of the entire bulb of garlic skinned and smashed & cut into random slices [it sounds like a lot but it is necessary..
  • then, because I was in a hurry I did not go out to my Herb Garden & cut fresh Herbs,
  • so I used Dry Herbs, fresh ground Kosher Sea Salt & fresh ground Pepper Medley, Herbs de Provence, and then lots of dried  ground Rosemary
  • then drizzle more Extra Virgin Olive Oil over & swish all ingredients around in pot to distribute over & under.
  • when you feel like all is combined/distributed/saturated,
  • then drizzle some White Balsamic Vinegar on top of chicken
  •  remember the bone side is up.
  • then for more fun I place a hand full of Panko bread crumbs on each piece of chicken , then drizzle a little more EV olive oil over Panko.
  •  Place the Covered pot in oven for 60 minutes. do not peek
  • after I placed chicken in oven
  • I quickly washed 2 giant Red Potatoes [for the Brit] & three Sweet Potatoes [one for me & 2 saved for SP bread]  on rack in oven
  • then I washed a few stalks of broccoli, placed on cold burner in my All Clad Copper Core 4 quart lidded pot  [ an indulgence from Williams Sonoma]
  • added fresh ground S&P
  • some Red Pepper Flakes and
  • the other 1/2 of Garlic Bulb [skinned & sliced ]
  • EV olive oil & some butter.
  • this will only take 5 + minutes so I do it after the Chicken & Potatoes come out of oven and Chick is resting in the Delicious Juices.
  • do not put burner on under the broccoli till the chicken is out of oven, it only takes 5 minutes on med high, then remove lid and  turn on high saute broccoli, yummy.
  • the chicken will be so moist and succulent!do spoon some of those Precious Juices over the Chicken when plating
  •  you will master this process in no time.
  • the remaining piece of chicken, I slice when cool and refrigerate for lunch the next day.

I know these are a lot of words for an “easy fast” chicken dinner so next time I

prepare a different version I’ll just say *refer to chicken 101 !

  • John likes sour cream & butter on his potatoes. I like a tad of salt & pepper on my sweet potato.
  • I always serve my ‘wet’ veggies in a pretty clear glass desert dish on the dinner plate so the sauces do not intermingle.

The Master loves this touch.

I know you will not believe this, but while the chicken was cooking, I made some “Southern Hummingbird Jam” it has most of the ingredients of the famous Southern Hummingbird Cake, you know who’s favourite !

recipe for those on request