The quickest produce in my Pantry to ripen are Bananas !

I have 6 overripe bananas currently & John just returned from market with a new bunch. Ever since my friend Carolyn sent me an email on the health benefits of bananas….’it’s really a banana a day keeps the doctor away” , he decided he NEEDS to have one every morning ! If they go a little ripe IE; one brown spot he will not eat them, so now there is a  stockpile of them on my kitchen counter.

My Grandmother



was known for having either a banana cake or bread in the freezer at all times- honestly. She would powder them [10X sugar] after baking, then prepare either 1/2 or 1/4 for the freezer. Family & friends would stop by every day someone would ‘come over’. when she saw them at the door, she would swing by the kitchen…put a pot of coffee to Perk on the stove, and whip out a selection of banana cake , size was determined by how many were at the door. By the time my grandfather let them in, and everyone kissed and made a fuss over each other [we are a real Italian family] the cups saucers desert plates were on the table. The cake which thaws quickly on the center of the table and she was pouring the coffee.

I really wish we lived like that now. When a friend drops in they are in such a hurry.This happened to me yesterday, and I really wanted to sit down and ‘break bread’ with her.

I decided this morning…this is what I will do from now on. And if my guest is in a hurry…I’ll do it anyways…when the aroma  of coffee [or hot tea] waft’s thorough the house & they see the beautiful baked banana treat…I’m confident they will sit and visit a little longer.

The recipe I have is in her handwriting, paper is brown stained and the words are worn out, but it has so much love in the preparation and memories I can’t seem to write it over on new paper !

I’ll post Recipe on request !

It’s Thursday Morning…Carolina blue clear skies Sunny…the shadows are changing it’s my favourite time of year ! And who could ever create this but God ! Decided to bake the bread in my 8 mini loaf pan, and used pecans in place of walnuts. It was so delicious, however I prefer the walnuts w/ bananas !  Six are now in freezer awaiting my next guest!