Here is a peek int my new garden delights.
This creation could only be called      “…back to the garden”   In God’s green Earth , where  I always find my inspiration!

back to the garden…back to the garden

I have found the most creative lovely lady, Amber, far off in Washington State. Funnily enough my sweet niece, Lesa, who is helping me set up my blog, grew up & was educated in WA [now living “back home” in upstate NY].
It must be the fresh air & water at the pacific NW that creates these sharp creative minds and gentle souls.
Amber has carved ‘out of my words’  my preserves tags shown here . She hand stitched each fruit/vegetable & herb w/felt. This peach tag actually feels like a peach ! You can find her at;
My delicious preserves and other garden/baked  treats will be available for the Holidays. *Advanced orders & local Pick up Only !