When My parents would drive down from Buffalo, NY to NC to visit me & my son, Eric and his family, or when we would fly/drive up to see them & the extended families & Friends, My Daddy would always want to treat us to our favourite Meal. I have never cooked a Pork Crown Roast, however it is my absolutely favourite Dinner. Naturally he would go to the butcher and purchase the most beautiful one for me, no matter the cost! He is in Heaven now, and I was thinking of Thanksgiving, the last time we were together and he prepared this roast, especially for me.  The remembrances of this are bitter-sweet, and as I write this I can still see the proud expression he had lifting it from the oven and placing on the beautifully laid dinning room table. Luscious beyond belief, both the pork, and the memory of him.

This year I thought I’d try it myself, I know John would love picking out the most beautiful one as well. So for the two of us it will be off to the Healthy Home Market in Davidson to order one.

I actually thought about this yesterday when I posted the Peach Preserves !

…so tomorrow, I’ll post the most amazing Brown Sugar Rum & Peach Jam to go along with Pork. Molly my next-door neighbour just came over to borrow an egg…I asked her to sample this particular jam . Her eyes lit up, she is a young mother , and her eyes are very bright and pretty normally ..and even more so when the jam hit her pallet. She carried some home for her husband!

This jam is a perfect compliment to pork !

…’till tomorrow .