There are still fresh Peaches @ The Kings Drive Farmers Market-Charlotte, NC

Please use Fresh, not canned peaches

peach jam

  • 4 to 5 pounds  Peaches
  • 2 Packed cups of light brown sugar
  • 6 full tablespoons of Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice , please run through a sieve
  • 1 cup of Rum
  • 2 cups of *Vanilla Sugar
  • Please use a glass/porcelain bowl only.

then fill the bowl with peaches which have been skinned, and pit removed & cut up. If you use rubber food safe gloves it will be very easy to peal, otherwise they

are too slippery, and will take forever. You should have approx. 6 full cups after pealing, do not use less.

  • add the sugar and lemon juice to the peaches
  • STIR, then add 1/2 cup of RUM, and gently but completely stir.
  • then COVER the bowl w/ plastic wrap-tightly, and place a plate on top of the plastic wrap
  • let mixture REST for 8 to 10 hours at room temperature, do not peek. best to do this in evening , before bed, then you will be ready for the cooking procedure in the morning.
  • Pour the Peach mixture in a dutch oven & start cooking over MED-HIGH heat to the boil
  • then COVER the pan & REDUCE heat
  • allow the peaches to COOK for about 20 minutes
  • STIR occasionally to PREVENT STICKING .  [if it looks like the peaches are scorching you have the heat too high]
  • The peaches should look Translucent in 20 min.
  • Add the Vanilla Sugar at this time & return the heat to MED HIGH
  • Cook rapidly, STIR Constantly until mixture reaches 220′ [on a candy thermometer, affixed to side of pan]
  • then Add the 1/2 c. of RUM and stir continuously for 2 minutes over the heat
  • Please be careful, the Rum will BOIL up when added to peach mixture. It is HOT.
  • after 2 minutes IMMEDIATELY slide off the burner
  • at this time you will LADLE the Jam into sterilized HOT jars using a canning funnel.
  • There should be at least 1/4 inch of head space at top of jars.
  • secure the lids & process for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath.
  • carefully lift jars and place on a towel to cool
  • Enjoy !