Here is pictured vanilla beans. [Purchase at Home Healthy Market in Davidson/Fresh Market in Cornelius or Earth Fare in Huntersville] This is exactly how I prepare mine; I take a full quart canning jar [I use Weck tulip quart,purchased on line @ Kaufmann Mercantile                                           [Wonderful products there !]

Fill the clean jar 1/2 full w/ Domino’s granulated fine sugar. Then add 2 vanilla beans whole ,placed vertically into the sugar and 1 vanilla bean opened w/knife, down the center of the bean, but do not knife scrape [as pictured], you just want it opened, and cut in thirds. Place those into the sugar. Then seal with those wonderful clamps! Now shake it and keep shaking up and down sideways roll it and shake in the opposite direction. [Once We have our camera in operation I’ll take more pix of this and other processes for you]. Now place the jar in a dark pantry for 2 weeks, taking out just to Shake Rattle  & Roll*.  Giggle,[I just could not resist that one !] You will use this vanilla sugar all the time once you start, it’s so awesome in all baked goods/jams/candies… when you take a cup or so out of jar, you Must refill that amount back into the jar, and *shake.  The vanilla beans will last for 6 months or so. These are my little seasoning Secrets, which I will get more into as Time Goes By**.

* Jerry Lee Lewis                                                                                                  **PBS