OK, it’s all settled now.  Chocolate Cake w/vanilla frosting !

[see my last post; Requested birthday Cake for Jackson].

Here he is my little 8 year old grandson [3 rd born] Computer Genius , Cute as a Button , and Absolute in himself ! His birthday is next week, of course knowing his likes & dislikes especially w/food, I thought I’d better call to get his request.

“I do not want all those fancy cakes with fillings and nuts & fruit & especially vegetables & cheese [yes I make one w/ cheese], grandmother…I just want “regular” frosting & Chocolate cake”.

Definition of “regular” frosting = grocery store deli Lard frosting !

Never  happen ! …so I am now baking [it’s in the oven] butter cream chocolate cake & I’ll whip up some Vanilla butter cream frosting from scratch = no Lard !

How can I not spoiling him !   Happy Birthday Jack ! We all love you !