We had ours yesterday, just a pinch, did not hurt at all ’till I woke up in the night laying on that arm , ouch ! Today I went along with my day, John working, me baking, when all of a sudden I hit a brick wall. I did call the doctor’s office and his nurse said “this sometimes happens, take 2 aspirin and go to bed ” ! OK thank God for retirement,  I can do this !

…just woke up ravenous , no soup in freezer, just the 4 bushels of Roasted Tomatoes , and Banana Bread, [you know the one].

I wanted hot soup and quick…

I had in pantry and fridge;

  • 2 bags baby Spinach
  • Romano Cheese to be grated
  • a small Onion chopped
  • Garlic a few cloves peeled & mashed
  • S&P & red pepper flakes & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 cup Risotto rice
  • 5 to 6 cups boxed Chicken Broth
  •  PERFECT !

In a large sauce pan in the following order;

heat EVO oil  [on med. high] – saute onion  ; lower heat -then add garlic -S & P  & red pepper flakes – Stir in Rice , to coat well – pour in Chicken Stock – bring to the boil ’till rice is tender , about 10/15 min –  then add the Spinach , stir & turn off the burner. While the spinach is steaming, Grate the Romano Cheese – then pour a big mug of soup for yourself   ..and feel the healing powers…yum !