Garlic is an Herb related to the Lilly family ! We use the bulbs in cooking for that incredible pungent flavour.  Roasted, the meat is Sweet, and delicious as a Spread on fresh Baked Bread.  Saute it and the aroma and taste have no equal. But did you know garlic has remarkable antioxidant benefits.

October is the best time to plant garlic, my marker is…’when the days begin to get shorter’- Plant Garlic- for next years harvest…you will be glad you did !


Peel outer layers of garlic skin , leaving skins of individual cloves in tact -Lop off the pointed tips of garlic cloves , just to expose meat. Wrap in foil and Roast garlic bulb in 400′ oven for 35 min. Cool – squeeze meat onto antibacterial cutting board – Mash with 1 stick of butter [more or less-you decide] – a splash of EVOO -Salt & Pepper [fresh ground]-some fresh chopped parsley.  Place in a GLASS jar  [Ball/Or Weck] . Will keep in refrigerator at the ready for 1 month.  Scrumptious !

Wonderful on Thin Spaghetti w/ fresh grated Romano Cheese. We use Barilla Plus pasta [Good source of Protein & ALA Omega-3 * multigrain pasta] & I love the taste of Romano cheese [made from Goats milk over Parmigiana.  *Goat’s Milk  was my maternal Grandfather’s [Anthony], favourite, and then became mine ! I love the Threads back to family, don’t you!

I’m off to bake some bread & garlic !