Opening my letter today from the CMC radiology department , I was shaking, scared and my thoughts went to my mother, who is a 35 year breast cancer survivor.  My news was positive, although there were others who have had their mammograms this month, [October Breast Cancer awareness month] who did not have good news.

Knowing I will be sharing rich & sinful recipes with everyone for the holidays, and feeling responsible for delivering worthy information to my readers, in all honesty  and good conscience  I must share some healthy references to nutrition.

In my own life these issues were not of paramount importance to me. I took care of everyone else, and put myself last. It was not until my recent retired, did I figure out the how & why of this destructive lifestyle. Fortunately it is not too late to make some changes that will regenerate my body. And it is my goal to incorporate better foods for healthier living  in this blog, to share with you not just my journey, but also give you some HEALING RECIPES >

Tomorrow I’ll list some health foods/recipes..

now I need to go into my garden, and thank God for my blessing !