roasted tomatoes w/ fresh herbs

John and I went to our local farms and picked up 5 bushel of tomatoes. Most of them were canned, by me ! The glass jars look so pretty all lined up like little soldiers , I look at them daily in disbelief…my first preserving ever !

after the water bath canning, I decided to roast some.
  1. 1. sliced them in wedges
  2. 2. placed them on a 1/2 sheet pan lined with parchment paper
  3. 3.drizzled them w/ EVOO
  4. 4. laid sprigs of herbs from my garden over
  5. 5. fresh ground S&P
  6. 6. red pepper flakes
  7. 7 another final drizzle of EVOO
  8. 8. bake in a slow oven 300′ till they were roasted time varies depending on water content in tomatoes.
  9. 9. Let them rest  and Enjoy !
  10. 10 If you would like to freeze them;carefully take a kitchen scissors and cut the parchment paper in quarters , then with a large spatula slide them into gallon size vacuum seal bag. 4 layers . then use your machine to suck out all the air, and place in freezer. We brought a few bags with us to my grandson’s birthday dinner party…a great success. absolutely wonderful.
  11. try it ! you will love them !