This is a photo taken this past spring.John and I are sorting  through pictures in our computer, it’s like the blind leading the blind! Our neighbour Molly offered to help, and I will definitely get to this as soon as I possibly can. In the meanwhile, we will stumble along. however after reviewing some of my posts, it is obvious we need quite a bit of technical lessons !   [Giggle]

Savory Puffed Pastry Roll

Often while working in our garden , I’ll go into house to ‘cool off ‘ a bit, John the heat/sun lover in our family will carry on. I smile so in watching him , and  thank God for him, he is a dream of mine …come true…God please send me someone who will love the garden as much as I do…It took a Brit to do just that !

Then I start to feel guilty [a carry over from my childhood rearing in the Catholic Church, [which I am eternally grateful for] , as it sparks me to be merciful!

So into the cupboard/freezer I look for ingredients to prepare John a treat, and a well deserved break . I am inspired to create recipes in this way !

  • I see Pepperidge Farm Puffed Pastry in the freezer, knowing it needs to come to room temp…what can I do in the meantime…yes fresh green onions…Prosciutto & Provolone cheese , all are available !
  • slice the delicate tender fresh green onions , lots of them. separate the white bulb & green stems…you will use both however in the next process you will see why
  • saute’ the white onion in EVOO w/ fresh ground S&P and a little butter
  • when they are starting to soften ADD the green stems and continue to saute.
  • remove from pan, and spread out  on a large dinner plate to cool
  • slice the Prosciutto [or if it is already sliced, separate them out on a sheet of wax paper* to come to room temp from the frig.
  • do the same with the provolone cheese
  • now lay out the puffed pastry. [see box directions]
  • spread the onions onto the pastry leaving a 1 inch border
  • next place the Prosciutto over onion    ”              ”      “
  • Next Place  Provolone Cheese over Prosciutto     ”      “
  • Now carefully roll Puffed Pastry  into a log
  • take a very sharp serrated knife and gently but firmly slice log into thick disk.
  • place on Parchment Paper on a jelly roll and bake 350″ ’till pastry is golden brown.

Enjoy !     These would be absolutely wonderful served at  Holiday Gatherings.

PS I hope this picture will enlarge for you. it’s quite lovely !