Here are the finished potato rounds !
You can bake them as crispy brown as you like.
John prefers them lighter W /Gravy  I love mine crispy brown !
Slice red med size potatoes on mandolin [med thick]
place them on a roasting pan [spray w/ Pam].
sprinkle w/ EVOO and fresh grated S & P ,
and if you like some Herbs De Provence..
bake in a 425' oven along with the apple/onion pinwheel for 45 min.
the pot roast will just be completing it's cycle in the
Electric Pressure cooker at this point.
 [or use a Dutch oven for the roast, it will take 2 hours]
John loves brown gravy and it's so easy with the pressure cooker juices.
Mix 1/4 cup Pillsbury *WONDRA w/ some beef broth, and whisk..
I added some red wine,as I was having a glass & some heavy cream,
 but it is not necessary.