Hi everyone, i have been trying to upload this recipe for 5 days now, and we are having trouble w/ internet connection. I see the photos but not the text, and they are descending ! we cannot seem to switch this around, sorry.

I use Barella Plus Pasta as it is rich in Protein in antioxidant properties. next I roast the thick sliced Peppered bacon rip it into smaller pieces, place on a rack of a roasting pan and along w/ the green onions flavoured w/ EVOO S & P roast in 350′ oven ’till desired crispness, set aside boil pasta to package directions. in the meanwhile place refrigerated prepared garlic in EVOO [see photo] into saute’ pan add butter/fresh grated S & P and some red pepper flakes & a little more EVOO. saute ’till it looks like photo. Then add one can drained Cantinelli beans to garlic, blend.  Add drained pasta, bean mixture, bacon, green onions to a large warmed up Pasta bowl and toss with tongs…gently. Add fresh grated Romano Cheese…and serve. Enjoy this very Healthy Meal soon !