•  Roasted  Cauliflower & Sliced Onion  [ i had theis pan in oven with sweet potato & apple muffin, they were finished at same time, so 2 different side dishes were ready for serving with spiral ham ! easy !
  • place parchment paper on a jelly roll pan

carefully trim cauliflower into flowerettes in a mixing bow. add lots of EVOO & salt & Pepper [fresh ground] slice onions on mandolin [for even slices, which will cook evenly] place in a mixing bow. add progresso italian seasoned bread crumbs, [although i love Panko crums, this is Not the correct application for them, a very fine crumb consistancy is needed here]. add lots of EVOO w/ bread crumbs & fresh ground S & P. I then sprinkle some hot pepper flakes, but again for children this step should be avoided.

Add some hearty dabs of Butter[ Iuse land o lakes salted] bake along with another side dish to save time and not waste electricity ! 350′ 45 min use your timer and check often.