Awaiting a US Patent Approval (…and how it Relates to Breast Cancer Patients)

The Bra Buffer, my invention, was a featured story in Inventor’s Digest (May 2011 “Judith has done the math. She has done field studies and extensive market research. Prototype refined by engineers. It works! I am in the process of adding several variations of materials, to better fit the mass market appeal and budget of all women globally, i.e.; if disposable, and a woman changes buffer daily, a month’s supply an estimated cost would be say, fourteen dollars, this is our goal.”

We currently have a breast cancer survivor, radical mastectomy of one breast 25 years ago. Her physician has marveled at her healing of Intertrigo using this product (for more information on Intertrigo go to Previously, even antibiotic creams could not heal completely, and the patient describes ‘I would apply cream, and I could feel it so hot as if it was boiling under my bust, my surviving bust is so large, heavy, hot, and the cream had no way to breathe, it just felt like it was boiling, then Judith came along with her invention…and my under bust was dry, dry, I had never felt such relief, as well as the weight of the bust was not dragging my shoulder down, and even my back felt relief from this weight. My doctor was so pleased, after 4 months of the worst infection…it was healing.'” Louise, Perrysburg, NY

I have been in a field where I created for women for 48 years — Hairdressing. In all that time I have seen with my own eyes the suffering women have gone through with this problem. Women have been  sharing with me their scars and their tears.

For 20 years I was affiliated with and am a certified American Cancer Society Master Cosmetologist in the, “Look Good…Feel Better” program for breast cancer patients , volunteering in hospitals and in my salons. Helping them in/through this difficult time was my passion. []

After I retired my passion is gardening…one day on a hot and humid day in May…I had spent 8 hours laying pavers around the fish pond, and in-between the roses, faint with heat, I went into the house to shower. I was so focused that without even knowing at the time, I had open sores under my breasts from the sweat & rubbing.

I flashed back to my Mother, a breast cancer survivor, who had experienced this condition, and hundreds of my clients, and now me …how can I fix this? I thought…what can I do to help? I had served the public all my life in my career, volunteered in orphanages, as a young teen. Babysat for the love of the baby. Carried meals to families in need….surely I could figure this out, as creative as I am.

So I did…then I entered a contest from a TV show “Everyday Edison’s” on PBS….I did not win however was told I really had ‘something big here’, something which could help people…and I needed a Mentor…enter my partner Jack Lander, who has 13 patents to his name. He asked me if I would ‘consider’ partnering with him. He flew from CONN to NC to meet me at the corporate headquarters of “Edison’s nation, where they film the TV production. Jack and I were on the same page with this and the ball started rolling. We applied for a provisional patent, now we are waiting for our actual patent to be approved. I hope it is soon.

My Family has been most supportive of the years long work I have put into this, Eric my son’s love and support [and my 4 grandchildren], my fiancée’ John Anderson running to the craft Shoppe every time I needed a different glue, and preparing me dinners, and his constant patience, and love to my Mom, who has, suffered and victoriously conquered her breast cancer. My Daddy, in heaven now, but smiling at me through every flower in my garden. My brother, Michael encouraged me over long hours on long distance calls. and my terrific niece, Lesa Quale Ferguson who lovingly is placing all this information on my blog. The physicians who have endorsed this product. Dr. Ronnie Beamon, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC.

I hope soon a manufacturer will pick up this product, in doing so millions of women globally will be without pain & suffering from this condition.

Bye for now,


5 thoughts on “Awaiting a US Patent Approval (…and how it Relates to Breast Cancer Patients)”

  1. Marge Talty-Klima said:

    Excited about your blog page. I wish you lots of luck..
    Everything sounds exciting.. Love your dining room ..

  2. Please keep updating us on your invention. Sounds like a good thing.

  3. This is so awesome! I pray that you are successful.

  4. Linda Curry said:

    Your invention sounds great! I know several women who would love something like that for various reasons…good luck. 🙂

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