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    ~ Savory Pie in the Garden  ~
I created this Savory Pie without using a recipe. my neighbour, Molly, tasted it and asked for the recipe, so I’ll be recreating it, and this time measuring the ingredients, so I can share it with you as well.

That’s the problem when one creates from inspiration & taste rather than following formula.
…and this will be my food* for thought here [*no pun intended] !

It may be worth it to place your cursor directly on the pie and enlarge then you will see the mouth-watering Gruyère’ cheese melted between the slivers of potatoes & the saute’ Prosciutto peaking in between. I rolled the flaky buttery pie crust in Nutty Sesame seeds for even more texture & flavour.
…More to come !
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6 thoughts on “Edibles & Recipes”

  1. Angela Baucom said:

    Judith, please recreate this beautiful pie and post the recipe. It looks delightful

    • Angela Baucom said:

      Beautiful picture too.

      • Angela,
        If i do next week, I’ll have you over to sample!
        *This weekend I’ll be working with my niece,Lesa on a post for my invention as it relates to Breast Cancer patients…October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we hope to reach many women !

  2. Sylvia Gallman said:

    Oh my goodness, this looks delish……need recipe for the holidays……How long did it take you to creat this? Sylvia

    • not long…you know how I am…I looked in pantry saw what I had and what I had a taste for [mostly savory/salt] …and Presto!
      If I see 3 more comments on this dish I’ll create a recipe sooner…
      It’s absolutely wonderfully delicious.
      *crust has sesame seeds rolled into it, the crunch is so good!


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